What Hurts Palemale...

Most of you must know by now that the name the contractor gave to the NYPD & DEC Police last Friday was false (Antonio Torrado). I'll post his real name and more information soon.

Sorry to open this page with such ugliness--surely the precious face toward the bottom will make up for this.

A most despicable display of human behavior on 1040 Fifth Avenue (the Jackie O Building).
At 2:48:50PM I saw two men appear at the top of the water tower and look down at Palemale. I photographed them but never expected them to molest him.

2:49:02PM - The two men are noticed by Palemale.

The man on the right disappears but remains close by. The remaining man spits on Palemale.

Detail of man spitting on Palemale.

Not satisfied with spitting on Palemale the man drops an object on the innocent animal. arrow shows the object falling toward Palemale.

The man smiles as he makes his first hit.

The man drops another object toward our hawk.

The man is delighted with his second hit. Palemale looses his balance as the object strikes his back.

Detail of the happy criminal. His name (given to me by the NYS DEC Law Enforcement & NYPD) is ANTONIO TORRADO. He is an employee of a company hired by 1040 Fifth Avenue; DNA Contracting, Newark, NJ.
I appealed to the building super and the manager of the contracting company how important it was to detain the perpetrator. I even had the NYS DEC speak to the manager of the contracting company on my phone who told him that Law Enforcement was on the way. Yet when the NYPD arrived and later the DEC police, the contractor claimed that they just fired the man and that he left the building without them knowing. I told them that was unacceptable and unexcusable! This man must be found and punished for what he did to Palemale!

Detail of Palemale observing a member of the acclaimed superior human race.

The man appears to be reporting his triumph to the other man on the water tower. He gets another object ready in his right hand to drop on Palemale.
At this point I could not bare to continue just taking pictures. I raced across to the building and demanded to see the building superintendent.

I walked away after everyone was gone and kept looking back at the building. Everything that I carried seem much heavier that it already was.

July 18, 2007 -- The bird-brained construction worker caught on video harassing Pale Male claims he was only throwing bread at the city's reigning raptor, according to his former boss and state officials.

Amaldo Del Cid Donis, 19, of Newark, denied he was stoning the red-tailed hawk from the top of a Fifth Avenue building Friday, said Lori O'Connell of the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

"From my understanding, it was an accident - he says it wasn't a rock," O'Connell said. "He had told our officers that it was a piece of bread."

Interfering in almost any way with protected birds like hawks or eagles is a crime, so DEC is charging the Guatemalan immigrant with "taking a protected bird" - a violation of state environmental law punishable by up to 15 days in jail and a $250 fine.

Del Cid Donis appeared at DEC offices Monday with his boss, Leopoldo Dominguez of DNA Construction, who fired him - but is considering giving him another chance.

"He convinced me it wasn't done out of malice," said Dominguez. "He was trying to make the bird look up. He wanted to look at it."

But Lincoln Karim, the hawk-watcher who filmed the incident and called police, scoffed at Del Cid Donis' explanation, saying the objects were too heavy for bread, and he also caught the worker laughing and spitting on Pale Male.

"Bread wouldn't fall that hard," he said.

Pale Male flew off with feathers ruffled but apparently uninjured.


Antonio Torrado is not the only one throwing rocks at Palemale...
Kite-flying may sound very innocent but the fact is it is against Park Rules & Regulations. This seemingly harmless pastime leaves harmful debris in trees which are a constant threat to the wildlife in the park.

This string and another long one on a tree along the Bridal path was eventually removed (after much screeming and yelling).

I reported this long string tangled in the tree on Sunday July 16, 2007. A Conservancy employee named 'Jack', the night supervisor on Sunday came out and I showed him the problem in person while Palemale & Lola stood inches away from it. He promised that it would be reported and that the string would be removed on Monday, but it still is in the same place today (Tuesday)

Lola on a tree north of Ballfield #1 on the Great Lawn on Sunday morning. There are many trees in Central Park which are laden with hazardous debris like this.

Lola on a tree north of Ballfield #1 on the Great Lawn on Sunday morning. There are many trees in Central Park which are laden with hazardous debris like this.

For three years now I've been calling, meeting and discussing with the Central Park Conservancy and NYC Parks, Law Enforcement about many issues pertaining to the welfare of wild animals which live in Central Park.
The bottom line is they have proven to me that they do not care very much about animals.

This kite string in the picture above is there because of the park's lack enforcement of their own rules. This string as you may well imagine is a horrible threat to the wildlife, especially birds.