Washington Square Bad Band

Update on my progress trying to obtain information about the Washington Square Red tail hawk:
December 23, 2011
Dr Elizabeth Bunting never returned several calls/messages I left for her. However today I received a call (voice mail) from the Cornell police (Investigator Daniel Gonzalez) telling me that I cannot call her any more.

December 23, 2011
After Barbara Loukes hung up on me on two occassions and after leaving several messages on her voicemail I also got a call today from DEC police Joe Schneider telling me that Barbara is not able to answer any information on red tail hawks and that I should address any concerns to:
Gorden Bachela 518 402-8924.

So far no police has called me to stop calling Bruce Peterjohn.

The deception and denial gets worse:
Sooner or later one or the other will pickup their phone...I spoke to Bruce Peterjohn this morning (Dec 20th). When I asked him about the band he claimed that he did not know the number and could not give any information about it.
I quoted his statement in the NY Times almost a month ago:

"While there is a very remote possibility that there is another size 7B band with the same last five digits on another bird, the band is overwhelmingly likely to be No. 1177-60335," Mr. Peterjohn said.

That band was placed by a bander at Stillwater, N.J., on a first-year hawk as part of a 40-year study of migrating hawks along the Kittatinny Ridge in western New Jersey overseen by Giselle Chazotte Smisko, a wildlife rehabilitator with a master bird-banding permit who directs the Avian Wildlife Center in Wantage, N.J."

He was unable to explain where the NY Times got that information. Clearly this man is not capable of heading this organization. All I get form all these people are lies, silence and incompetence, and all the animals get from them is misery!

"there is no evidence to show that the metal band placed on the foot of the Washington Square female Hawk is responsible for the damaged done to the hawk's right leg..."
Dr Elizabeth Bunting,
Cornell University,
Animal Health Diagnostic Center.

This statement was made by Patricia Riexinger (quoting Dr Bunting) on a phone conversation I had with her on December 19, 2011.

The denier that the band was ill-fitted:
Bruce G. Peterjohn
email: BPeterjohn@usgs.gov

Barbara Loukes from the NYS DEC
518 402-8863

Barbara Loukes supervisor is:
Patricia Riexinger
518 402-8924

Dr Elizabeth Bunting
(607) 253-3900

The Bander:
Avian Wildlife Center
146 Neilson Road
Wantage, NJ 07461
(973) 702-1957
e-mail: avianwildlife@aol.com

DEC Commissioner,
Carter Strictland contact

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To the people who are writing to tell me how sorry they feel about the Washington Square mother hawk that lost her right leg from an ill fitted band;
Most of you were dazzled by the NY Times/NYU webcam last Spring, while the mother was suffering to raise her family. Some of you indulged in hollow activities like naming and other entertainment issues.
Presently the Washington Square mother is baring her pain and carrying on her life as best she can without complaint while we plan fireworks displays and prepare ourselves to feast on her fellow animals to celebrate Christmas.
Saving this one hawk is secondary to the more useful endeavor of saving thousands of other animals like her from suffering her fate. Banding is an unbeneficial practice that must be stopped.
If you examine the philosophy of banding it should make us feel embarrassed;
Our own troubled and corrupted species is taking it upon ourselves to reach into other perfectly tuned species to attempt to control these beautiful works of art. Most of us cannot control our own children but we attempt to interfere with other nations.
We should be watching and learning from these animals instead of putting bands on their feet and other hazardous devices to track them. Let's continue to watch and admire without touching and being intrusive.
One place to start is to remove Bruce Peterjohn from the office which he holds presently. It will send a message that this worthless group of people at the Bird Banding Lab be dismantled. The data the BBL collects is purely for ego and does nothing to save the animals which they pretend they want to help.

Bruce G. Peterjohn
USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
12100 Beech Forest Road
Laurel, MD 20708-4038
Telephone: 301-497-5646
Fax: 301-497-5784
Email: BPeterjohn@usgs.gov

The other people to get rid of from having to do anything with wild animals are:

Barbara Loukes from the NYS DEC
518 402-8863
Barbara Loukes hung up on me (10:30AM Dec 19, 2011) as soon as she heard my name.
Barbara is infamous for her hand in the destruction and eventual corruption of Palemale’s nest.

Barbara Loukes supervisor is:
Patricia Riexinger
518 402-8924
Patricia defends Barbara and was firm in saying that she stands by the Cornell vet (Elizabeth Bunting) that there is no evidence that the band on the Washington Square female hawk’s leg was responsible for the present condition of the hawk’s leg.
Patty described herself as a biologist and a bureaucrat. The DEC cannot hold up in any conversations with me because I will not accept their bureaucratic arguments. They are used to speaking to the complacent Media reporters who will accept anything that they dish out. The DEC constantly cowers back by saying that they will not attempt to save one bird out of thousands which are under their care. Yet for the sake of publicity they will in fact go out of their way to associate themselves with one bird until of course anything should go wrong or until that one bird becomes an unsavory topic which they can no longer use to their benefit.

Dr Elizabeth Bunting (will not answer or return my calls) from Cornell
Phone: AHDC switchboard (607) 253-3900
Fax: Customer Services (607) 253-3943

... Cornell contact

The bottom-line:

I understand and appreciate the need for organizations like the ones mentioned above. However when the heads of these organizations refuse to accept wholesome feedback from people out in the field, or when the heads of these organizations refuse to use this feedback to make healthy changes and reform their policies, then the organizations themselves must be changed and reformed or else we will nurture mechanisms which will promote counterproductive effects to the detriment of the animals which they originally set out to protect.
Any biologist who can look at all the evidence of the Washington Square female hawk and shamelessly state that there is no evidence that the metal leg band was not responsible for state of the hawk’s leg should no longer be a licensed biologist especially when taxpayers money is paying these people to be biologists.

Any sober-minded biologist examining this overwhelming set of evidence who will state that the leg band is not responsible etc., etc., shows a corruption of their judgment and whether it is out of deceit or whether it is a sincere conclusion they should not be allowed to continue any official work as a biologist especially when it is being paid for by NY State taxpayer funds.

This Washington Square hawk’s predicament may appear small and unworthy of more attention than it already received, however I am small and unworthy so I can easily relate to this issue. I cannot help imagine that if these so called doctors and biologists can be so bold as to deny what is so obvious in plain sight of the public, I cannot imagine what they do to animals in their closed laboratories. What do you think Cornell and NYU and Columbia are doing to these poor speechless animals. When questioned, what do you think they will say to the average reporter on issues like animal testing and research etc.

Bruce G. Peterjohn
email: BPeterjohn@usgs.gov

Barbara Loukes from the NYS DEC
518 402-8863

Barbara Loukes supervisor is:
Patricia Riexinger
518 402-8924

Dr Elizabeth Bunting
(607) 253-3900

DEC Commissioner,
Carter Strictland contact

Here is the DEC writeup on their own website (bottom of the page) about the hawk's condition,
Not only on their website but to several wildlife magazines they are giving deceitful accounts of the hawk's condition. They are either avoiding the topic or making the horror of the bird's predicament very vague.

From the DEC's website:
On May 12, 2011, the Department of Environmental Conservation led a field inspection at New York University to determine the best and most appropriate course of action concerning a female red-tailed hawk and hatchling nesting on the 12th floor of the Bobst Library building. The team was led by DEC Natural Resources Supervisor Steve Zahn, and included DEC's Wildlife Veterinarian (Dr. Elizabeth Bunting), and raptor experts from DEC (Barbara Loucks and Barbara Saunders), New York City Department of Environmental Protection (Chris Nadareski), and the Raptor Trust NJ (Cathy Malok).

Washington Square female hawk with her completely crippled leg on Saturday.
After receiving a letter from someone who casually spoke of hearing a rumor that a Cornell Vet rescued and saved the female hawk from Washington Square I visited the area on Saturday to confirm that this was not true. And of course it was not!

This is one of the many responses I received from Bruce Peterjohn, Head of the Bird Banding Lab which is responsible for this horrible situation. From the first time I reported this situation on October 29, 2010 he was continually trying to discredit me for my amateur observations and non-expert assessment of the hawk's condition.

NY Times Story

From the Bird Banding Lab last year:

To: lincoln_karim@msn.com
Subject: Re: Red Tail Hawk with bad band.
From: bpeterjohn@usgs.gov
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 17:00:00 -0500

Dear Mr. Karim:
With all due respect, your photographs do not support your claim that the Red-tailed Hawk's leg is impaired by the bird band. Your photos show that the bird is very capable of using that leg to capture prey (a squirrel), carry prey, and to dismember prey. In essence, it is behaving as a normal wild raptor. We see no need to take any action at this time, but are willing to reassess the situation should circumstances change.

Bruce Peterjohn
Bird Banding Lab
USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
12100 Beech Forest Rd.
Laurel, MD 20708
phone: (301) 497-5646
From: Lincoln_Karim S Karim
To: Peter John
Date: 12/16/2010 11:25 PM
Subject: Red Tail Hawk with bad band.

Please help me to make sure this man Bruce Peterjohn and this Bird Banding Lab never put another band on any bird or other animal ever again.
This includes ALL rehabilitators!

Please use this link to inform Carter Strickland,
Commissioner, Department of Environmental Protection
of what this band has done to this poor animals and perhaps thousands more like her that we never get to see.

I skimmed through the NY Times site about this story which they made a circus of but there is no mention of this terrible situation.

Please insist that ANDY NEWMAN and EMILY S. RUEB of the NY Times address this horrible story and demand that they do something about it.
They cannot expect to focus only of the fickle side of the story.

Also the people at NYU which from what I just read for the first time, again just focused on a shallow side of the story of the hawks. Please make sure that they do something about this also.
This is the only contact I can find right now: NYU

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