Urban Park Rangers 4/24/2011

After many years of observing the Urban Park Rangers I can say without any reservation that this is a group of men and women that are ineffective when it comes to the protection and general welfare of wild animals.
Are they a group of very nice people? Of course they are. They are always pleasant and courteous and helpful to tourists when it comes to helping them find various landmarks in the park or as a general guide when anyone is lost.
However when it comes to standing up for wild animals or doing anything to protect our natural friends, the Urban Park Rangers are of no practical use.
I restrict my criticism to Central Park where I make most of my observations and where I have had my experiences with them.
Outside the realm of wild animals these Urban Park Rangers are also neglectful in reporting crimes throughout the park, like illegal drug use and illegal sexual conduct.
Many scheduled events which are organized by the UPR are catered to children and after many years of observation I believe that these men and women of the UPR are not fit to have guardianship over any young person.

Very often children are trusted to the Urban Park Rangers to be guided on Nature walks and other excursions in wooded areas like Central Park’s Ramble and North Woods where illegal drug use and lewd sexual conduct are rampant. The Urban Park Rangers have done nothing in the past to have the proper authorities address these ongoing problems but they continue to take children on trips in these problem areas.
All activities by the UP Rangers which involves children should be suspended immediately until earnest measures are put in place to reform and or replace the members of this organization.