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Turtle Pond Garbage October 6, 2012

This is one of many reasons there are rats in Central Park.

This is Turtle Pond--a popular spot for picnics.

There is nothing wrong with having a picnic here, but it is not cool to be irresponsible like this.

This problem is connected with many seemingly unrelated problems in Central Park. The Central Park Conservancy has influenced the Park Enforcement Patrol to avoid these areas where many of the Conservancy's donors frequent. As a result we have illegal activities like alcohol consumption, smoking, and Marijuana use. This sort of behavior, though in moderation could be tolerable, encourages a certain class of people who by their selfish attitudes will create other problems in the park.

When the rats come the Conservancy and the Parks Department only know of one way to take care of the problem and that is the use of poison.

This sort of thinking comes from having unintelligent management making decisions for the park.

No effort is ever made to educate visitors on the responsible use of the park, like disposing of garbage and popping balloons instead of releasing them into the air. Now this garbage is not here because the Central Park Conservancy is not vigilant about cleaning up the park. The maintenance workers are very hard working men and women and cannot be expected to respond instantly to this. This situation happened because there is never any sensible Park enforcement throughout the park to make sure things like this doesn't happen. Both Parks Enforcement and the NYPD spends 99% of their patrol hours in vehicles mostly on the main drives and not where problems are more likely to occur.

Part of the problem is that members of the management team of the Central Park Conservancy are not educated themselves. The President himself, Doug Blonsky is not just an evil minded person who goes out of his way to encourage fishing and kite flying in the park knowing how dangerous these things are to the scant resident wildlife, but he is also a dunce. A dunce who is unable to learn and who is unwilling to understand that his thoughtless actions has long term detrimental effects in our park.