Topics to address

A participant in the Breast Cancer Walk in Central Park on Sunday October 16, 2011.

He came to cheer the Breast Cancer Walkers along the East Drive in Central Park.

As unpopular as it gets me I cannot go on just taking pictures and not attempt to do something about the problems I see around me like those listed below. I must continue to fight for these things because in my heart I feel that they are important.
I have noticed over the years that I gain more friends when I get myself involved in fickle ventures, but when I address things like rat poison and illegal drugs, all of a sudden I notice less email and more often I see familiar faces avoiding me in the park. They don't want to discuss any unsavory topics like rat poison, they would much prefer if I hosted picnics and held engaging conversations about how many varieties of mangoes are grown in Trinidad or how tall do coconut trees grow.
I feel like it's a blessing to loose the friendship of people like those, and I will much rather have one or two or even no supporters on things I value than the numerous admirers I could have if I shied away from these unpopular topics.
Until I feel differently I want to be able to always look my true friends in the eye as they hop, swim, crawl and fly merrily about me each day.

The Loeb Boathouse:
Has begun to put rat poison out again in their Parking lot. I also found exposed rat poison at the restaurantís entrance. This means that they are hiding the poison and using it improperly.
My letter to the NYSDEC concerning the Loeb Boathouse Rodenticide Violation of the product label.

The MET:
Is also putting rat poison out along the walls of their newly renovated area in Central Park. While photographing the bait boxes I saw two dead thrushes which evidently crashed into their glass windows. In preparation to appeal to the MET to do something to prevent the tragedy which their Glass Windows cause to birds.

The NYC Parks & Recreation PEP officers:
Are just hopelessly useless and must be replaced--all of them. New officers must be trained and educated. I see no use in reforming the present ones, they are just beyond redemption.

The CP Precinct cops:
Are of three flavors;
* very caring and helpful.
* caring but not willing to do anything.
* totally useless.

CP Precinct Auxiliary cops: Must never be allowed in any motorized vehicles of any kind. They should restrict their patrolling in Central Park to foot and bicycles.

Central Park Conservancy:
Must be investigated for their performance and actions measured against their contract signed with the NYC Parks and Recreation.

NYC Parks & Recreation:
What is their future plans in regards to the management of Central Park?
Is there are plan to eventually regain the maintenance of the park or is the CP Conservancy here forever. Is there any training for NYC P&R personnel to help them take over the park in the near future and also to help them manage parks that do not have a Conservancy type organization to step in and do their work for them.

I hope to find the time to work on these topics but perhaps anyone reading this can also look into them and help me to address.

Pictures of the Great Lawn damage after the September 30th concert.