Thoughtless Driving in CP Jan 22, 2012

On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 12:45 AM, Lincoln Karim wrote:

Concerning Doug Blonsky driving a white SUV with four passengers on Sunday afternoon in Central Park around the Great Lawn and through to the East Drive at 84th Street.

Dear Mr Blonsky,

I believe you used poor judgment on Sunday afternoon by selecting to drive your friends around in the park in your SUV. Sunday afternoon was crowded with many very young children at play on the snow and ice covered grounds. Though I hardly imagined that you could have caused an accident by driving through the park on this active afternoon, you nevertheless added to the commotion and made it just a bit more worrisome for parents looking out for their children as you drove through their play area.

I had the impression that your drive through the park was mostly to impress those friends of yours, since I cannot imagine what official business you could have been conducting on Sunday and furthermore what advantage a vehicle could give you on those icy paths that walking could not have accomplished safer, and even make a more enjoyable experience for your passengers.

You will acknowledge that I made no attempts to embarrass you on Sunday, however if I feel that you are using poor judgment in the future I may not be so gracious.

When NYPD vehicles patrol the park they have necessary reason to do so and announce themselves with flashing lights and/or audible warnings as an alert to park patrons that their vehicle is coming through. NYPD personnel are also trained to operate vehicles in conditions beyond what untrained citizens like yourself are able to deal with.

Please be more reasonable next time when exercising the privilege you have been temporarily granted to operate a personal vehicle in the park. Driving a vehicle in Central Park is a privilege not to be abused. I wish you would also convey to the rest of the Central Park Conservancy staff who operate motorized vehicles to be extra cautious when driving during snow and ice conditions including never to use handheld mobile phones and radios when their vehicle is moving.