Speeding in Central Park

Central Park Precinct vehicle speeding on the East Drive on Thursday April 2, 2015. Most NYPD vehicles have no respect for the very laws they are supposed to be enforcing. Of course, without any doubt, they will defend all they actions by saying that they were responding to an emergency. I would average that the vehicle was travelling at approximately 60 MPH. The legal Speed Limit for this road is 20 MPH. I do not want to have a child or any other innocent person injured or killed because of the NYPD's irresponsible behavior.
The CPP NYPD staff violates many of the park's rules and laws. Until there is some sort of declaration by the Mayor that NYPD can do whatever they want whenever they want then I believe that they should be accountable for their behavior.

NYC Parks & Recreation official vehicle violating the 20 MPH speed limit of Central Park. They were recorded travelling at 31 MPH in this video on April 2, 2015.