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September 7, 2008

Wild turkey in the Ramble, Central Park NY. He (or she) didn't mind me sitting close to him for a few minutes to admire and revere him.

After so many weeks being compelled to endure some of the most deceptive human beings on the planet, it's good to be back in the company of the noblest of the earth.

A woman picked up a stick and began to chase him in circles where he was trying to forage. Certainly this sort of thoughtless human behavior occurs when I'm not around. But having been there to see her I could not let down the forces which lead me to witness her on this occasion, so she got 'hers' from me.

Palemale on the west side of the Great Lawn.

Many Powerbook owners use an external mouse...I have an internal cat on mine.

All images photographed on Sunday September 7, 2008.