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September 6, 2008

Back in NYC...

Palemale on the Oreo Building at 79th & Fifth Avenue.

Very heavy rain caused me to leave the park after several hours of waiting.

Palemale stayed on his antenna perch and appeared to have been enjoying the weather.

Wet and disheveled but still beautiful.

All images above photographed September 6, 2008 in Central Park, NYC.
Images from Denver below...

a kestrel,

a woodpecker,

a bee,

a squirrel,

a butterfly,

a flicker,

...and a Crow.

A few things I observed with Canada Geese; they do not shoot their children with rubber bullets, they do not put them in jail for sounding their voices.

In my opinion they make great role models. Instead of chasing them away and spreading lies about them we should be admiring their beautiful, wholesome lives.