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September 5, 2009

Riverside Park Baby discovered again...

in what may be his new home just about a half mile north of his nest.

Meanwhile his pool in the rock at 82nd Street is being used by some of his happy little friends who decided to stay resident (and clean), in the area.

A sweet proposal by a handsome sparrow.

Palemale at the Beresford late Saturday evening.

Palemale waited until Lola settled on one of her favorite windows late Saturday evening before he went off to his own place to spend the night. She prefers to sleep on buildings for some reason, and he never does--always uses trees to sleep.

When the last few rays of sunlight trickled away from the tall perch she held onto for the latter part of the evening, she flew over to their parkside window while he watched her from below. She floated over him in circles several times going back to their window after each circuit.
Their world is so beautiful and to my dismay I cannot enter it except for scanty moments when I, with great effort, filter through the unbearable grunge where I am imprisoned beneath them. Still, I continuously reach for those scarce moments, and I have only myself to hold responsible for all those unpleasant times when I allow the grunge to submerge me.
Their world is above and there is where I shall steer my gaze until that time when happily Iíll be able to liberate myself from the grunge.

All images above; Saturday September 5, 2009.

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