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September 4, 2012

All images above photographed on Tuesday September 4, 2012.

The battle to rid the city of rat poison is a tough one. Fighting the presidents on the MET and the AMNH should be easy but it just doesn't end there. It is the mass of regular citizens that are difficult to convince that rat poison is a problem.
The ignorance and wickedness is not only at the executive level of these institutions which are using poisons, it is also in the NYS DEC and the NYPD and all the other agencies which are supposed to be defending the animals.
To Palemale none of these people exist and it appears that he trusts a much more powerful protector which exists somewhere in the world he sees. I guess that is why he goes to sleep so peacefully at night.
I wish I could learn to see things his way--just so I could go to sleep peacefully at night.