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September 1, 2007

Guess who? It's Ole Stinker!

I received a communication from a resident of Roosevelt Island claiming that she believes that recently a young hawk fitting the description of the 888 7th Avenue, is hanging out on the island.

Early Saturday I visited and within a few minutes to my joyous surprise, I found our little pal.

While walking along the east side of the island I saw this Bald Eagle in the distance drifting south.

By this time our little friend took off a tree near a playground towards the north of the island and then went up extremely high over the Queensborough Bridge.

If you look closely you'll see a tiny black spot around the center of the'll also notice the clouds smiling.

This is one of the new guardians which will be looking out for our pal.

Palemale was back on the Belvedere Castle flagpole on Saturday afternoon.

All images photographed on Saturday September 1, 2007.

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