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Palemale (below) chasing his baby away from his territory.<br>
It doesn't matter how late this sad event happened, it will always be premature for me. Though I was preparing to see this in October,<br>
it appears that Palemale has begun to chase his little Stinkers away.

Here Stinker-One aka Whitey is getting his father's love in a way which I find hard to watch.

But I guess it's these kinds of necessary actions which allows them to keep their kind strong and enduring...

While they live to preserve themselves, my own kind seem fixed in descending into a cesspool of existence.

I don't know where my little brother and sister will end up, for wherever they settle down there will be worrisome conditions for them to tolerate.

But they made it this far and none of my worrying could change anything.

But if I could kick a pebble out of their path here and straighten out a feather there I'll do what I can until I'm not able to worry.

The best hope I see is to inspire my very young human friends to see the beauty that I see.

Palemale winding down his day on the Beresford.

Palemale going to sleep.

Photographed in Central Park, Sunday September 4, 2011.

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