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September 28, 2008

Both Ma & Pa Stinker stayed far away on Sunday, never coming anywhere close for reasonable photographs. They had no regard for me down on the ground getting beat down by the heavy rain in my soggy boots. They both went to bed in the same tree in a not too usual spot after sunset.

A flicker near Sparrow Rock on Sunday Morning.

Ma Stinker on the Stovepipe rail surely enjoying the cool rain on her feathers since she made no attempt to shelter.

To all the happy little animals in those little nooks and crannies in these berries and to those swimming about in the tiny raindrops; I hope to get to see your cute faces one day.

I thought I saw some happy face swimming across that big raindrop between these pine needles--Iím pretty sure I did.

Perhaps a special lens will be developed one day just for your faces.

Palemale on Saturday at the south side of the MET.

"Man; the superior, most intelligent animal on earth."
installed under the Delacorte Theater.

Lola going to bed after Sunset in the very close company of her beloved mate

Most images photographed on a very rainy Sunday September 27, 2008 in Central Park.