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September 23, 2016

Palemale on the MET, Friday evening.

Temporary cell tower installed for the Global Citizen concert on the Great Lawn.
We automatically believe that there are governing agencies which will look out for things like this to make sure we are all as safe as possible. After all the Parks Department send thugs to chase away and harass street artists and illegal hot dog vendors. However they cannot provide me with any safety guidelines for this Microwave transmitter used for boosting cellular service in the park.

The above video demonstrates the intense radiation transmitted by the temporary cellular antennas behind the MET for Saturday's Global Citizen concert.

The guy in this video is worried about intense levels of 1500 microwatts/sq meter--I wonder how he would react to 60,000? He claims that biological effects are said to start at radiation levels of 3.4 to 6 microwatts per sq meter.
The Ramble, by comparison to the cell tower site can be considered a dead zone at a steady 100 uW/M2!

There is not a single person of the hundreds that organized this obnoxious event that spoke up and asked that safety precautions be taken not to pose any additional health risks to the public. This tower and all its radiation was totally unnecessary. It was put there to accommodate the morons at the concert who were compelled to post pictures of themselves at the concert on Social Media.
There is not a single human being at the NYC Parks & Recreation, at the Central Park Conservancy or at City Hall who could stand up ant a planning meeting and say something to avoid this dangerous and unnecessary hazard.

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Saturday September 24, 2016.