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September 22, 2012

The much hated rat in Central Park.

I'm observing them much more that I did in the past and trying my best to learn to hate them like most of my fellow human beings so I can offer some suggestions of how to destroy them.
So far I have not seen a rat doing drugs in the park. I have not seen any cutting down trees. I have not seen a rat releasing balloons into the air. I have not seen any rat neglecting their own children or consciously feeding them unhealthy food. I have not seen any rats compromising the original laws protecting the park to create commerce to benefit only a few. I have not seen a rat producing any pollution or making any sort of disturbing noise in the park. I have not seen any rat engaged in any kind of behavior which spreads any contagious disease which is a global problem. I have not seen a rat or rats take over a building which used to be reserved for teaching children and turn it into a shop for selling Tee-shirts and coffee mugs. I have never seen a rat smoking a cigarette. I have not heard of a rat raping anyone. I have not heard of a rat mugging anyone. I have never stepped into rat droppings. I don't know of any rat organizing an event which disrupted me from enjoying the park. A rat never said any discrediting thing about me. No rat that I have seen consumes or encourages the production of any material or device that is causing havoc to our landfills. I do not know of any rat which is a member of the 'Rat Race'.
If I am missing something please enlighten me because I want to be normal like most everyone else and start hating rats.

All images above photographed on Saturday September 22, 2012.