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September 19, 2013

New York Times story "Misgivings About How a Weed Killer Affects the Soil" September 19, 2013.

I know many of you would prefer to see more pictures of Palemale & other Central Park's animals, but I cannot ignore this bold and wicked behavior by the Central Park Conservancy while there are little kids running up to me in the park trusting that I would not look the other way when I see something that I believe will hurt them. What kind of friend will I be to them if I do or say nothing?

The most common people to benefit from sterile over-manicured lawns, which inspires the use of Glyphosate, in Central Park are drug addicts and other mindless visitors. A person who loves and appreciates Nature would enjoy the variety of plants and animals which grow naturally without too much manicuring. Isn't it more admirable to have a field of dandelions and other wild flowers than a mind-numbing field of green genetically engineered grass that will barely attract an insect? No wonder why high school kids are attracted to these lawns and turn to drugs to stimulate or further sedate their young minds. They can be offered so many other options to engage their energetic spirits if the adults in decision making positions cared about them.
The Central Park Conservancy even went out of their way to remove the little Nature Center at Belvedere Castle--one of the few places dedicated to stimulating the minds of children. They appear to have a mission to destroy anything which would allow a young person to develop their mind.

Apart from developing one's mind, there is barely any place left in Central Park that a person can go to enjoy a peaceful quiet time. Everywhere I go in Central Park especially on weekends there are some loud obnoxious noises. These noises come mainly from large business sponsored events which are all blessed and encouraged by the Central Park Conservancy.

If we feel compelled to exterminate something in Central Park why don't we start by weeding out useless, unproductive cops like these, and plant some new more attractive ones...

who can better police the park and make it a safe and comfortable place to visit?

Instead of patrolling the park and looking out for muggers and rapists our Central Park cops and Park Enforcement Patrol can be seen every weekend ganging up to penalize bicyclists who do not stop for red lights?

When they gang up like this they park their cars on the only lane allocated for vehicles and force traffic behind them to drive into the bicycle lane causing hazardous conditions for cyclists and joggers.

Monsanto's Round-up/Glyphosate used thoughtlessly in Central Park.