RTH Nests

Saturday Aug 20, 05:
Pale Male very active in The Ramble--caught a Blue Jay and ate the whole thing. Lola called on at least two occasions not too far away but I never got a visual on her.

Sad news for the Woodside Houses mother... She was taken to the Animal Medical Hospital after found sick in the neighborhood. The hospital decided to put her to sleep. They told me she contracted Trichomoniasis.
The father of the Woodside nest have taken over the caring of the baby and we continue to watch for any signs of this contagious disease in both remaining hawks.

On Tuesday evening she was found perched very quietly on a low fence in the neighborhood of her nest. She was taken to Animal Medical Hospital.

James Allen, a dedicated observer has been by the nestsite all through the year and he stays in close touch with me to report any changes.