Robin Hood Request 12/27/2012


Lincoln Karim
204 W 55th Street Apt 507A
New York NY 10019

December 26, 2012

Robin Hood Foundation
826 Broadway, 9th Floor
New York NY 10003

Re: Black Eyed Peas 2011 Concert in Central Park to end poverty in NYC.

Dear Sir/Madam:

Since your concert on the Great Lawn in Central Park last year I have been eagerly looking for signs of your claimed effort to end poverty in NYC, but unfortunately I have not yet seen any signs of a lessening of poverty in the areas of the city where I live and visit.

Can you point me to any areas in NYC where the proceeds from that concert alleviated poverty in a way that my feeble mind can recognize.

I visited the Robin Hood Foundation website and I was very impressed by your graphics and your choice of fonts. Your mission to end poverty in NYC is undeniably noble and ambitious and for this you should be commended.

But unless your efforts may not have reached the areas of NYC which I frequent, I can see no impact and I humbly ask that you enlighten me so I can dismiss any doubts I hold for the sincerity of your organization.

Your concert caused a great deal of damage to the Great lawn and it denied anti-loudness park patrons like myself access to large areas of the park before, during and after the event.

A fruitful effort on your part to end poverty in NYC will remove any sour memories I have of that concert.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Lincoln Karim