Retrieve Eggs 2010

May 4, 2010

Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Dear Sir:

This is the sixth year that the eggs of a pair of red-tailed hawks (Palemale Lola) whose nest is on 74th St Fifth Ave have failed to hatch.
Can you please help to get permission from the building (927 Fifth Avenue) to retrieve the eggs from the nest to have them tested by the NYS DEC.
There are several licenced wildlife experts who are willing to do it once the building gives permission.

Please help!

Bobby Horvath
Raptor Rehabilitator

(Bobby Horvath's info is referenced as a person who can help retrieve the eggs. He is not personally involved in this and is not crusading to have this task performed. I sopke to him to request his assistance and he has volunteered to help once the permission is granted).

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