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Poisoned babies July 26, 2012

Sick baby bathing, Wednesday evening

Hold on tight my little friend, the Universe is on your side. That nasty poison you got inside your precious body is strong but no poison made by man is stronger than your will to live. Youíre made from the best stuff that a young hawk can be made of, so no wicked human is going to take away the beautiful life that the Universe has in store for you.
Too many people love you and want you to live so youíre going to make it through this. Your father and motherís power and love is inside you to help you make it.
Fight this wicked human world which hardly thinks of anyone else but ourselves. Humans are trying to push you and your kind away as our never ending greed and quest for success is destroying everything in our path.
Fight this wickedness and reclaim the earth for yourself and all the other animals--you are the only things which deserve to live here.

The sick baby hawk had some liveliness this evening to come down and take a bath and drink some water after which he went back onto the trees to rest.

Letter to Emily Rafferty MET's Poison use.

Letters from hawk lovers concerning Palemale & Zena's sick babies.

When I called Bobby Horvath on Sunday to report the sick young hawk, Cathy Horvath dropped everything she was doing and, without delay, drove one and a half hours to pick up our little friend.
In all of Manhattan there is not a single rehabber to respond as promptly as the Horvaths for situations like this one.
My first experience with the Horvaths was not amiable but I believe we did a lot of talking over the years and have developed a mutual understanding.
This couple really goes beyond what is to be expected of a rehabber. All I do is talk and take pictures but Bobby and Cathy actually does effective work which calls for good judgment, a great deal of their personal time and more resources than they can afford.

Please support them as much as you can because what they do is not cheap.

202 N. Wyoming Avenue
N. Massapequa , N.Y. 11758


Wednesday: I watched our sick friend wake up this morning but he didn't leave his roost spot by the time I had to leave for work at 8:30AM. Later in the evening he was moving about and he even took a bath and drank a lot of water. He settled into the same tree he spent the weekend in and stayed there until he fell asleep.

Tuesday July 24th: While his brother is being treated in Long Island, he is still not himself. He is seen here going to roost Tuesday night after some small amount of flight and movement earlier today.

Monday July 23rd: Palemale & Zena's second sick baby perched all day in a tree just west of the tree it was perched in all weekend. He shows very little signs of improvement but is not accessible for easy capture.

The sick baby just before he settled down to sleep on Tuesday evening.

The only healthy baby from this years clutch enjoys a bath on Tuesday evening.

Two of Palemale & Zena's babies are sick with the classic symptoms of RAT POISONING!

Letters concerning Palemale & Zena's sick babies.

Current Rat Poison users affecting Palemale & Zenaís family:

The Metropolitian Museum of Art:
Emily Rafferty (President)
(212) 570-3900


Note: I see the bait boxes around the MET but I have no idea what is inside them. The MET is notorious for deceiving the public about the poison that they use or pretends to be unaware of the poisons being used at the museum (proof).


The American Museum of Natural History:
Elizabeth/ Neil deGrasse Tyson office
212 769-5913


The Central Park Precinct:
Captain Jessica E. Corey
86th Street & Transverse Road,
New York, NY, 10024
(212) 570-4820
The captain will certainly claim to not have anything to do with this but that is not true, she is the captain and is responsible for everything pertaining to the CP Precinct. She can certainly get involved to find out which city agency is authorizing the exterminators at her precinct.


The residential buildings on the outer perimeter of Central Park.
This falls under the Department of Health
Dr Edgar Butts/Dr Robert (Bobby) Corrigan
Assistant Commissioner
Pest Control Services
Dept Health & Mental Hygiene
212 442-5238


They may all say that they have no jurisdiction or control over their exterminators. Everyone will naturally get on the defensive. The only thing that will stop rat poisoning is by calling and writing these people and telling them to stop because they are killing our precious wildlife. Do not depend on the NYS DEC (NY State Depít of Environmental Conservation), these people will not intervene once they have to go up against any entity bigger than an powerless individual. Public pressure is the only thing that will stop these never ending tragedies.

The Central Park Conservancy has assured me that they have stopped using rat poison in Central Park. I hope this is true for all of Central Park and not just the places they know that I will check.

The Loeb Boathouse Restaurant also assured me that they have stopped using rat poison. There are no official agencies to carry about routine checks to assure that rat poison is really not being used. When caught, all these people have to do is write a quick press release and after a day or two they are in the clear once again.

The fact is we still have hawks dying from rat poison and that means that the toxic substances are in their food.

Please remember that these poisons and other pesticides in widespread use not only affect birds and other animals but it will have long-term effects on human children also. The effect on the birds that we see is immediate but innocent children will suffer in their later years when all these profiteers of pesticides are dead and gone.

The use of all pesticides/herbicides must stop and more intelligent forms of pest control replace these archaic methods. We are a city filled with very well educated people who can address these problems if we really try.


Since Saturday morning one of the babies remained in a tree on the Eastside and as of tonight he still has not left.

This morning (Sunday), the baby which was seen the day before hunting on the grounds of the Museum of Natural History was found on a low perch with very little movement.
He was picked up a few hours later by Cathy Horvath and taken to their rehab facility in Long Island.

The healthy baby (out of focus)visits his sick brother.

The third baby appears to be in good health thus far. On Sunday afternoon he visited his sick brother and spent some time with him.

Zena on the Beresford appears to be watching over her sick baby.

Zena stayed perched on the SE corner of the Beresford tower and held that position for several hours, even after the baby was taken away.

I am really not surprised about the sick babies (obviously victims of rat poison), as I have been cringing for this since they were in their nest. Since the last occurrence of fatalities resulting from rat poisoning nothing has been done about it. Each day I watched and waited and now at this advanced stage in their life I thought theyíd really make it and fly far away where, even if they would never be out of harmís way, Iíd still be able to deceive myself that they had made it. They would never be safe because if rat poison donít get them, a fast moving car would. And if theyíre lucky enough to escape all the perilous obstacles we have laid out for them they could still be captured by an adventure-seeking falconer who sees no big deal in capturing them to enslave them for the rest of their lives as a toy for their mindless sport.

I donít know who to fight at this stage. Even if I found a way to address the evil of the NYS DEC and the NYC DEP and even if I could expose the NYC Parks & Recreation and the Central Park Conservancyís plan to destroy the most valuable things in our city parks, there is something that I cannot imagine fighting, let alone conquering, and that is the general populace who are content in being a mass of over consuming, complacent beings who are willing to accept anything thrown at them. That is what I cannot fight and for that reason alone no battle is worth it.

Thank goodness that our animal friends are not cowards like most of us who fear death and suffering. They can take it and they can deal with it. It is their loss of freedom that I believe they cannot bear.

I have no idea what we can do again to help our innocent friends. Their persecutors are just too many and too well ingrained.
My friend Elizabeth Forel has spent the best part of the last decade fighting to have a permanent ban on the Carriage Horse industry. She continues her fighting with City Hall, Dept of Consumer Affairs, the bought-out NYPD of the 19th Precinct and the Hanson Cab drivers themselves--what a fight that is. But how much more a loosing battle it is for her to go up against the mother who takes her little rosy-cheeked children into the horse carriage with cotton candy and colorful balloons? And how does Elizabeth deal with her friends who say they support her but later talk about how much they bet in the Kentucky Derby?
As for Palemale & Zenaís two sick children; even if they can be rescued what is the point? Rescue them and return them to Central Park so they could eat more poison?
It took many long and painful years to convince Central Park to stop their poisoning. But right in the middle of the park we still have the MET, the Natural History Museum, the CP Precinct--all using deadly rat poison and all these institutions are run by the most uncaring human beings in the city. These people do not care for the welfare of human children so how can I expect them to care about the health of rats and pigeons?
As for the NYS DEC--they are the people we should be running to for help, but their number one mission is how to get me. Come Monday morning they will be phoning and emailing each other to see how they could take me out of this picture.
As for the NY Times and other Media--they cannot be depended on either. Sure they would love little tidbits of information for a quick eye-catching story, but none of them really care.

Tonight I looked skyward after I could no longer see my little friendís body amongst the darkened leaves in the tree above me. I found a lone star breaking through some fragments of moving clouds and I wondered if he, the star, could be looking down on the sick little hawk.
What a great force must there be to hold him up there and what a great force must there be to make me feel like he, the star, could do something for our little sick friends.
Is it that outrageous to believe that a little star so far away could help them? If it is, then who put that idea in my head?
Maybe the welfare of these little guys are very low on the priority list of the Universe. But on my list, and hopefully on the list of that lone little star, the health and happiness of those little hawks are number one tonight.