PM Junior's Incident

I received a letter from a regular hawk watcher from Central Park South...

"He [Palemale Jr.] could be injured - at least his feet. My doorman had called me (very close to sunset) to ask who was sitting on a lamppost (opposite 200 CPS). It was Junior and I decided to go down to the lobby with my bins for him to look at him. Jr. had already flown off... unfortunately onto a railing (4th or 5th floor I think) of a balcony at 220 CPS. That balcony has spikes on them (nice people, what), and Jr got stuck. He worked himself off - breaking off some of the spike stripping, but fell to the ground. He did get up and flew into the park. I did not see this incident myself, but do trust that the doorman saw it as he described. Just thought you two should know in case you run into anything awry tomorrow. I'm going to go in and look for him too."

I pointed out the dangerous hanging spike strip to two firemen from the firehouse around the block and the strips were removed on Sunday evening.

I'm still looking for Junior (Noon Sunday September 9, 2007).
Up until very late Sunday evening we could not find either Charlotte or Junior. Of course this is not unusual with these hawks to be unseen for days, however there was no comfort sighting to surpress the worrying.
As for the image above--I cannot understand why someone will prefer to have their balcony look like this rather than to have a few birds rest their weary bodies on their railing.