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Park Thugs!

The NYC Parks & Recreation Enforcement personnel goes out of their way to penalize these pedicab operators while they hardly ever enforce other more critical offences. In the Central Park Conservancy's eyes these bicycle operators are unsightly so they influence the police and PEP personnel to target these people.

I believe the reason these operators are targeted is because they are mostly people in low standing in society. You will never see any of these PEP personnel enforcing illegal drug use on Cedar Hill for example.

These are two PEP (Park Enforcement Patrol) personnel.

I am not supporting or condemning the pedicab operators but I wonder how it looks to a just eye--that two gasoline powered vehicles will remain running while they penalize human powered vehicles. This is just wrong!

Do not be afraid to be 'judgmental' at the sight of these PEP officers.

They are exactly what you see--bullies, cowards and thugs. They all know me and will love to find something to get at me--for now this is their only way to react to me.

In their defense; they are frightened to loose their jobs or get transferred to less pleasant working areas in the city so they refuse to enforce the park rules to certain people so they know very well who they can target without repercussions (mostly pedicab operators and homeless people).

In the heat of May 24th this vehicle remained idling and polluting the park's air while they gave dozen of summonses out to bicycle operators.

While the operators of pollution free bicycles are constantly penalized, the following images demonstrates the lack of enforcement on motor vehicles which are allowed inside Central Park.

Parked vehicle in the Boathouse Restaurant parking lot on May 25, 2009--permit expired on July 17, 2007 (almost two years ago).

Another view of the permit above.

The vehicle with this expired permit was parked in the Maintenance Field but the permit if it was indeed valid is restricted to the North Meadow.

Parked vehicle in the Boathouse Restaurant parking lot on May 25, 2009.

I suppose the operator of this vehicle is hoping that any law enforcement officer checking this (surely expired) permit will look the other way when they see the bible.