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Park Ranger's Major Accomplishment.

From strong influence by the Boathouse Restaurant's owner, Parks & Recreation target the Pedicab operators. The Carriage Horse operators frequently drop off passengers at this point and turn their horses around on the East Drive going in a contrary direction of the one way street.


On Thursday morning I asked this Park Enforcement officer why does she have these terrible spurs on her boots. She said it's just there for tradition.

In more than 22 years of observing and dealing with them I have yet to meet a Park Enforcement Patrol officer that I see any use for in Central Park. These mounted officers are somewhat different than the regular Welfare Workers which furnish the rest of the PEP division. If not different, then there is something similar about them.

The spurs I am told is there for tradition, but you can see from the fraying of the saddle strap that they do make contact with the animal's body.