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October 5-8, 2005

The Rain
If I was a reasonable person I would have used the opportunity to clean my apartment today. I did practice some degree of reason however; I reasoned that if I spent time cleaning it will only create an opportunity to get cluttered once more, but if I leave it as it is then it plateaus out to a tolerable mess that's neither here nor there.
It goes without saying that I took a small lens on my camera, rigged a clamp to hold an umbrella on my tripod, and off I went.

The Ramble - 1:17PM Saturday October 8, 05

Red Squirrel
At the Locust Grove I stood and watched this steadfast little guy. He sat on his little mushroom seat and paid little attention to the pelting rain.
Locust Grove - 3:23PM Saturday October 8, 05

Screech Owl
Owls has a way of picking a hole in a tree that is little affected by even heavy rain regardless of the direction it blows.
The Ramble - 1:48PM Saturday October 8, 05

Model Sailboat Pond - 4:07PM Saturday October 8, 05

A Universe...
in each drop, and the organisms within may be mostly convinced that the edge of their drop is where it all ends
Turtle Pond - 1:13PM Saturday October 8, 05

As refreshing and welcomed the rainfall was, it didn't make for a well groomed day
- 4:00PM Saturday October 8, 05

One day I'll know the names of all these little pods and leaves. And one day I'll acquire the tools to photograph deeper into the droplet for example.
Maintenance Shead area - 2:18PM Saturday October 8, 05

The small birds were all out having a field day in the wet soil. I meant to photograph closer to the ground but the rain and wind was too out of control.
Locust Grove - 3:20PM Saturday October 8, 05

Baby Mallard

Model Sailboat Pond - 4:09PM Saturday October 8, 05

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Pale Male & Lola Update

Pale Male Jr. Update

Slavery - History or Current Events?
A woman on 34th Street was giving out the flyers (on the right) last Friday. I tried to give one to the young man on the left today but both his hands were occupied.
Central Park South & 6th Ave - 12:37PM Saturday October 8, 05

The Visit
Next Mr. Nuthatch called on Mr. Owl. The former thought it delightful to invite him for a stroll in the woods, but the latter found it disagreeable to be disturbed from his evening nap.
The Ramble - 1:03PM Saturday October 1, 05

Pale Male

Turtle Pond - 5:49PM Wednesday October 5, 05

Pale Male

Turtle Pond - 5:40PM Wednesday October 5, 05

One of four new friends I made on a trip to Connecticut last Tuesday
West Cornwall - Tuesday October 4, 05

They may not be the most attractive leaves now, but when you consider the life they had and what they did for the air--their beauty begins to show.
West Cornwall - Tuesday October 4, 05

Missing a petal, but no time to worry about it
West Cornwall - Tuesday October 4, 05

from a happy little farm on RT 109 with two black dogs--one was delighted to say hi and the other rather not.
West Cornwall - Tuesday October 4, 05

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Pale Male
He must have sat on that ball for quite a while and I know he saw me running and sweating to get through The Ramble. He stood put as I grabbed this shot from all the way down by the Maintenance Shed on the East Drive. Next I attempted to get the closer shot so I ran once more up the inclined path leading to the castle. I know he saw me struggling to put the camera on the tripod and as I was about to aim he jumped from this perch. I watched him disappear behind The Blind with what I truly believe to be a smirk on his face. I know his vision is excellent to see the beads of sweat on my forehead, but I wonder if his hearing is as sharp to hear me grumble "you dirty ole..."
Belvedere Castle - 5:17PM Wednesday October 5, 05

Pale Male
After disappearing behind the Blind I made several fruitless attempts to find Lola inside The Delacorte Theater. When I came back to Turtle Pond I saw him on his favorite tree so I stayed with him for the rest of the evening.
Turtle Pond - 5:36PM Wednesday October 5, 05

Pale Male
He maintained this perch until almost dark but even so he flew over to The Great Lawn and caught something on the ground behind one of the ballfields.
Turtle Pond - 5:52PM Wednesday October 5, 05

Screech Owl
The Ramble - 5:09PM Wednesday October 5, 05

Belvedere Castle - 5:16PM Wednesday October 5, 05

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