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October 3, 2008

Each day it is nothing short of an adventure for me to rush away from my own dreary world and immerse myself in theirs, as I cannot seem to tire of knowing where they are and what they are both up to--Palemale & Lola.

There is something which makes this daily adventure of mine more exciting by not knowing where or when IĎll find them.

Once discovered however, all my pains are swiftly rewarded by their magnificent sight; in the air--on a high limb--walking along on a field of grass! There can never be enough of those images which I feebly try to represent here.

But if these beautiful friends of ours were held against their will and kept in a cage for all to see at any convenient time, how much less exciting will this daily dose be?

Just the thought sickens me!

What will Lola be is she couldnít jump off that roof whenever she pleased, and fly wherever she wanted?

And what would happen to that revered theory which so many of us have embraced; that of Evolution, if freedom is suddenly denied to so many which it took so much effort to bring along this far?

That magical mechanism which has produced all of this variety of beauty all around us.

Isnít freedom the basis of those venerated forces which drives this ongoing process?

And isnít it a shameful discredit to such powerful forces to upset its art by willfully encumbering the fruit of all their millions of years of labor.

Isnít it also conceited on our part to attempt to step in at this late hour and shamelessly profess to have sufficient command to take control of such a mighty machine.

Ambitious of us no doubt, to believe we can brush aside all the intricate workings of this great system which steer and sustain this wonder-filled world, but all the same certainly foolish and wicked of us.

I am sure those forces at work can be proud of us for making such a gallant attempt to take control of the world which they so painstakingly created.

But those very forces must frown with disgust when they observe our selfish endeavors. When we cater for one and not the other, and when we pamper the present and disregard the future.

What will become of Evolution if birds are not allowed to fly and horses are restrained from running free?

And for our own sake what will become of us if we continue to cripple ourselves by encumbering our delicate senses and stop exercising our own minds?
I do not have or need the answer to any of these questions but that will not stop me from asking.