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October 26, 2008

Charlotte off a church on 60th & 9th Avenue early Sunday morning.

Charlotte on 60th & Broadway.

Charlotte near Fordham University (60th & 9th Avenue).

Sparrow near Cleopatra's Needle in Central Park.

Lola leaving her short perch on 82nd Street & Fifth Avenue.

One of more that two dozen crows which charged Charlotte neat the Time Warner Center.

Crows attacking Charlotte on Broadway.

One clean little grackle in Tanner Spring.

Hermit thrush in Tanner Spring.

Dew on Cedar Hill, Central Park.

Squirrel at Tanner Spring.

Lola perched on the Carlyle Hotel on Madison Avenue just minutes before she flew off to head to Central Park where she went to sleep in the same tree as her beloved mate.

If you look closely at the tiniest dewdrop you will see all the images of all that happened in those magical places where all those wonderful animals live their beautiful lives.

Sleep sound and have beautiful dreams my little friends.

All images photographed on Sunday October 26, 2008.