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October 24, 2009

Except for the terrible lack of light and the possible destruction of my gear I love rainy days.

More than for the many enchanting raindrops I enjoy rainy days mostly for the aloneness,
(Palemale barely visible on the top middle of the backstop)

because sometimes I can have big chunky moments where there is no one else but us.

Saturday was one of those rainy days.

A safe distance away was a group of young men throwing a Frisbee,

and at another far corner of the lawn was a lone girl doing cartwheels in the rain.

Why did I come out here in this terrible weather?

It was only hours later when I got home and was dry and thinking about it did the answer come.

I grab any opportunity to get to be in the company of someone who do not lie or cheat?

Someone whose every move and poise is engaging.

Someone who I'll always be proud to say...

I know him.

I feel like he is immune to all the unpleasant changes which transformed his land from what it used to be.

I feel like he can see how silly it is for some people to think that they have a full understanding and control on the world around us.

He is immune to our language which keeps him at an advantage over us.

All images above are Palemale around the Great Lawn, Central Park; Saturday October 24, 2009.

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