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Lola leaves her perch with Palemale on the 980 Fifth Avenue TV Antenna to hunt a pigeon in mid air.

Lola hunting over Fifth Avenue.

Osprey passing over the Great Lawn, Central Park.

Tanner Spring visitors on Sunday afternoon.

Red Admiral near Cleopatra's Needle.

Cooper's Hawk over the Westside Pinetum.

Cooper's Hawk in the Westside Pinetum.

Lola and Palemale on Fifth Avenue.

A young adult hawk visits Palemale's Great Lawn tree.

Pure impertinence on the part of this young Stinker to host himself to Palemale & Lola's tree.

Visiting yong adult redtail hawk having some lunch behind the MET.

Young adult redtail behind the MET.

All images above photographed Sunday October 17, 2010.

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