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October 17, 2008

Found Palemale late Friday evening but was unable to keep up with him. A few crows (one pictured above), chased him about over the West Drive at 83rd Street.

There were about 6-7 crows.

A little friend on the Great Lawn

I'm not sure who this is; circled around the Westside then headed east.
All images above photographed Friday October 17, 08.

Here's Lola on her way to join Palemale from the Delacorte Theater, the latter presently perched on the Belvedere flagpole - October 12, 2008.
(No new shots on Thursday)

Lola on 965 Fifth Avenue early Wednesday morning - photographed by Lara Bird.

Today's guest photographer, Lara Bird.

Palemale on the Great Lawn, Wednesday evening

If sometime late Wednesday evening you heard a happy sigh and couldn't imagine what it was that sounded so may have been the Universe watching Lola and Palemale going to sleep together...

and if you heard another sigh of joy soon after that, it may have been that grand force once again putting together a little packet of beautiful dreams for my little friend here as she got tucked into her own bed.

All images photographed on Wednesday October 15, 2008.

October 11, 08

October 11, 08

October 11, 08

October 11, 08

Palemale & Lola - October 4, 08