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October 1, 2008

Lola perched on her Great Lawn tree in the steady rain on Wednesday evening.

There are some advantages of a rainy day to be grateful for; One of these is to be alone enough with such a person as Lola...

so as to have sufficiently less distractions to wonder what she's thinking about as the tiny drops of cool water trickle down her beak.

Or even wonder what its like for her to not be disenchanted that she has never, nor may never visit Australia.

Or not worry about what she's going to wear tomorrow.

And to have no guilt that her clothes were made in a sweat shop.

Even on a gray day like today I ask myself why I trek through the rain and mud to get to them, when the apparently more sensible thing to do is employ my time for something more productive.

But since I cannot think of anything else more productive...

than to witness another day of the lives of two of the earth's most prized possessions...

come rain or sun I will watch them until I die.

Palemale going to sleep in the rain on a noticeably shortened day. The heavy clouds and steady rain didn't allow for any spectacular sunsets, but the dim outline of my friend peacefully going to sleep at the end of his wonderful day, did for my heart what my eyes were deprived.

All images photographed on Wednesday October 1, 2008