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NYPD War against Bicycles

The Central Park Precinct has intensified an ongoing war on bicycles in Central Park.

Teaming up with the Parks Department we can see here two NYPD vehicles and one Parks Enforcement vehicle confiscating a Pedicab.

Here three members of the Park Enforcement Patrol (PEP) along with a mounted NYPD officer allow a private car to break three laws:
1. entering the park illegally,
2. driving on the DOT's official bicycle lane,
3. driving through a red light.
Not only was the driver allowed to get away with these three major transgressions, but the driver was assisted by the PEP officer who is known to be tough on the Pedicab operators.

Why is the NYPD using this much resources to address something so un-criminal as operating a Pedicab in the park?

The truth behind all of this importance given to Pedicab operators that the Parks Dept., the NYPD along with the Central Park Conservancy's instigation, is because the operators of these Pedicabs are mostly very black Afraican men who are considered unsightly when garthered at the entrance of the Loeb Boathouse Restaurant.
The management of the restaurant has a very heavy influence over those enforcement groups.