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Peter Nye (Barbara’s supervisor): 518-402-8924.

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NYC DEP Commissioner Emily Lloyd
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I acknowledge that Palemale & Lola are just two ordinary hawks to most of these people but please realize that they are a good focus point to expose the mistreatment and careless attitude given to other wild animals which are not as visible. Let us show the above people that we care about innocent animals even if they have no voice. Ask the people above in your own way why they turned their backs on Palemale & Lola.

I finally reached Barbara Loucks recently who appeared to have accidentally picked up her phone and showed signs of discomfort speaking to me. I asked her to answer some questions for me:

Phone call to Barbara Loucks;

Q: Do you have plans to retrieve the eggs from Palemale & Lola’s nest for analysis.
A: No, we decided that we are not going to get involved with that nest anymore. Red tailed hawks are not endangered.

Q: Why did you promise initially to retrieve the eggs early and have suddenly changed your mind? Upon this question she refused to continue the conversation and a few moments later her supervisor Peter Nye came on the phone.

Continued conversation with Peter Nye.

Lincoln: I am trying to get some questions answered about why the DEC is no longer attempting to retrieve the eggs from Palemale & Lola’s nest for analysis.

Peter Nye: I told Barbara to drop this case since Red Tails are not endangered and there are too many of these hawks for my department to waste any time on this one.

Lincoln: Why did your department get involved in the first place.

Peter Nye: Because at that time there was a lot of public pressure to get the nest back and we intervened to help out the situation.
Lincoln: And now there is no more ‘public pressure’ and also no media coverage so you are no longer interested? Peter: I never wanted to get involved with this case and was always against it. I think it was a mistake to get involve.

Lincoln: Since you did get involved don’t you think you should be obliged to at least offer some kind of help since your department did approve this structure which I strongly believe is responsible for the nest failure?

Peter Nye: No we are not going to do anything more with this nest.

Lincoln: Can you offer some advice as to who I can get to help fix this badly designed nest?

Peter Nye: Why don’t you contact the Audubon Society?
Lincoln: I guess you may not know how laughable that suggestion is. I appreciate your talking to me but I want you to know that I am very upset with how your department handled this situation and I’ll continue to do what I can for these poor animals.

Please call these people and see if you can get a better explanation for their heartless behavior.

New York State DEC:

Barbara Loucks: 518 402-8863
Notes on Barbara;
1. Through a request from Dr Ward Stone she promised to retrieve Palemale & Lola’s eggs in April 2007 and then purposely left them to rot.

Barbara demonstrated a horrible attitude toward protecting this nest in the past. She refused to take any effective action on the 927 Fifth Ave building management when they attempted to disrupt Palemale & Lola’s nest on March 22, 2006 under the pretense of ‘window washing’. At the time Lola was sitting on eggs for almost two weeks. She completely accepted the building’s excuse that;
a. “I was not aware of any hawk’s nest on the building” the building manager.
b. “I didn’t see those hawks for two or three months so I thought they left” the building superintendent.

Peter Nye (Barbara’s supervisor): 518-402-8924.
Notes on Peter;
He told me he instructed Barbara not to remove the eggs because red tail hawks are not important enough to utilize their time.

New York City DEP:
Christopher Nadereski: (914) 773-4472

Notes on Chris Nadereski;
He also promised to remove the eggs early enough for an effective analysis but kept postponing it until we see now that he never had any plans to do so.

“Those hawks are dangerous animals and should not be nesting so close to humans”
this is an exact quote from Chris to me during a phone conversation in 2006.