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November 22, 2008

Palemale in National Geographic, December 2008.

Palemale didn't appear to be bothered by the low temperature on Saturday morning as he soaked in some sunlight on the Great Lawn, Central Park.

A little Stinker takes great liberty on Palemale & Lola's hospitality to make a successful hunt very near the Model Sailboat Pond.

...But I guess that's what stinkers do best.

Two Red-tails over Fifth Avenue; One appears to be the new baby in the area and the other I assumed to be Lola but looking back at the photos the other appears to be another baby--still not sure.

One of the beautiful, humble residents in a hedge near the Boathouse Restaurant in Central Park.

Palemale on the Great Lawn, Central Park.

Lola over Fifth Avenue late Saturday morning.

Sparrow near the Boathouse Restaurant.

All images photographed on Saturday November 22, 2008.

Thanks for all the letters about the photos in National Geographic Magazine (December 2008). Please note that the copies of the magazine which are sent to subscribers is quite different than those on the newsstands. The subscription issue contains four pages of photographs but the newsstand version only has one page.