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<font size="20"><tt>A very young native inhabitant addresses an old immigrant.</tt><br>

Mr President Sir; I think you had some great ideas at one point.

But I think something went wrong somewhere.

If you ask me I think one of the first things that went wrong is when you climbed up on that poor horse. I think if you had done your fighting on your own two legs then you would have ended up with just enough land that you could safely and decently manage.

Take it from me--I have to fight too. This little stinker pestering me here for example--I'll deal with him without forcing any poor horse to help me.

You donít look too much like a guy who likes to fight, you look kind of peaceful-like with your pony-tail and everything.

Something certainly went wrong somewhere. For one thing thereís just too much fake light everywhere.

When the sun goes down all should be dark.

Then one will be compelled to go to sleep and rest because there will be no obnoxious artificial light to hurt your eyes.

Then there is this constant buzzing from every angle...

irritating waves of every pitch bouncing and bombarding every which where--itís maddening these waves.

Then there is the suffocating smoke and gas from all the noisy machines. This terrible stuff even comes from the mouths of the humans.

But regardless of how smoky it gets there is always some time to play a game of 'Round and Round the Tree We Go' with a few happy friends.

What is confusing to me is that none of them try to stop any of these terrible things. Instead they go out of their way to hurt little innocent animals.

Hmm...pony-tail, well manicured nails, frilly clothes...I don't know...Georgie!

Goodbye for now Mr President; this perch on your arm may be strong and high, but I much prefer the gentle sway of a sturdy old tree and the serenading comfort of its soothing leaves. Maybe I'll see you again tomorrow though.

All above photographed on Sunday November 18, 2007.

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