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November 18, 2006

Saturday was not as sunny as expected. At one time I saw four Red-tailed hawks over Fifth Avenue. My guess will be Palemale, Lola, the adopted child and possibly Charlotte.

Palemale just after flying off his nest.

Lola over the Model Sailboat Pond.

The adopted child.

The leaves are mostly gone.

The Model Sailboat Pond and Westside.

All images photographed on Saturday November 18, 2006.

The estimated price for the book will be $65. for the 16"X12" and $50. for the 12"X9" (shipping is included)
I hope you find this reasonable. Purchasing will be activated by the end of next week.


Thank you for your very encouraging response for Palemale & Lolaís photo book. I hope youíll like it. Please know that this is a self published book and not a mass produced book, but the photographs are very high quality. From the responses I received I know this is going to be enjoyed by people who really love Palemale & Lola and not just readers who are merely interested in Red-tailed hawks.

Being a ĎPrint on Demandí type book makes the price very high compared to regular publishing so I hope you donít mind the high price. If the price is much too high for anyone please write to me and Iíll try to accommodate you. Another thing is many people requested a signed copy; Iím sorry but, at least initially, I cannot sign any of the copies only because the shipping will then be more than doubled. Depending on how things go I may be able to sign them in the future.

Thanks for your support and please look out for it by the end of next week.

I'm working on a book of images and thoughts on Palemale & Lola which I'll make available at the end of November. If anyone is interested please write. The book will be hardcover 12X16 with ~32 full page color images.

Thanks for watching.
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