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November 15, 2018

To everyone that is still visiting; I plan to return soon. I am hoping that I'll be back taking pictures in Central Park by February 18th.
Thanks for staying in touch and for all your words of encouragement--it's good to know that someone was watching.


Dear Lincoln,

I wrote you a few weeks ago but I feel like writing again.

I know you need a rest. I just want you to know for sure that the work you have done for PaleMale and all of us who have kept up with you via your site, is immortal and beyond price. I know you must feel very let down by lack of support or appreciation. The list of great contributors to our world is full of such people, under-appreciated and unrewarded during their own lifetimes. Scientists, artists, many have left this world without acknowledgement, and sometimes downright scorn. It's almost as if you can know you did something great, if few people acknowledge it. I know that sounds stupid. But it is true.

Everything you have done on behalf of PaleMale, and the wildlife in the Park, has been so impressive to me.

I live in a hospital now, because I have some serious disabilities. My world is made wide only by using the internet. I have lived a lot of feelings and learned so much by seeing your work.

It's true I've seen it less in the past few years, only because my own life took turns which required a lot of attention. But I've never forgotten even for a few days, PaleMale and Lincoln Karim, his best friend.

I am sad for a couple of reasons. One, we won't see the new babies this spring. And two, PaleMale is an old hawk, and I have thought to day he will be gone, he will fall. And Lincoln will know and tell us. And I worried that it will be too hard for you, when that does happen. Maybe it is best if we don't know when it happens. I pray he will go on for many years yet. Maybe its best to never know for sure. Then he will always be alive. carrying that green branch to his new nest, his triumphal arch on Central Park West.

I miss you and him. And I thank you again with all my heart for the archive of amazing photos which I hope we can revisit and see all the years of PaleMale and his mates and offspring, forever.

I believe one day your work will be acknowledged and celebrated in a big way. I wish it was right now. I hope our letters from your followers help in some way.

With the highest regards,

Kathryn Hettinga J.

I understand that you will be "retiring" from your Pale Male website. I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you've done - and tried to do - for not only Pale Male, but for all Central Park wildlife.

Thank you for your photos, your love, your commitment.

I wish you all the best.

Donna H.

Salem, Oregon

Dear Lincoln,

I have always viewed your images of Pale Male and his family as a deep labor of love. When the world falls apart, and politics scream off the page, I have found great solace following your passion.
Is there any hope of you returning? Even for just an occasional update?

I hope all is well with you. Thanks for your amazing homage to a wonderful bird and his life.

Marnie G.

Dear Lincoln Karim,

I wish to express my deep gratitude to you for sharing with us your unbelievable chronicling of Palemale. I cannot find the words to describe how deeply your images of Palemale and his family have moved me. I have followed your website for years and continue to enjoy one of your books, Palemale & Lola, forever.

Though I live near San Francisco, I have visited the hawk bench in Central Park several times. One trip was particularly memorable because I saw you working.

There are so many deeply moving aspects to all of this which I'm trying to find words for: this wonderful red tail hawk, your photographic talent and skill, your tremendous dedication to chronicling Palemale, your generosity in sharing that with us, It has been such a privilege to be able to follow Palemale's life in and around Central Park. Has the life of any other of nature's wild creatures been so carefully, regularly and beautifully documented in a way that so many people can be so engaged with him?

I have a huge lump in my throat writing this as I take in your decision to step away from this work. Every day that I'd view your images, because I saw you work, I also could imagine you moving around the park with your equipment to get these images. I am sad that I won't be able to continue to see your work. It has always been in the back of my mind how taxing it was for you to do this work which is in such contrast from me being able to view your work from the comfort of my home.

From my distant position, I have gotten a strong feeling in several of your photos in which Palemale is looking directly at you that he knows you and...that there is a special, deep bond between you two. I especially admire that you could get close enough to take your photos of this wild hawk while respecting and honoring him which is so evident in your photos. I think Palemale knows this. Even if you no longer photograph and post images of him, I hope you are able to still see him in the park at least occasionally. I feel it would be important to both of you.

With much gratitude to you, Lincoln, and good wishes,
Leslie B.

Hello Lincoln,
Bobby from Cleveland here. I, for one, am saddened by the fact that you are tiring of posting on your site. I totally understand, but I click on your site every day and still have so much admiration for you and that "guy". He is or will be 27 years old and still is a mighty hunter and father! I find it miraculous that he has survived this long and still shows no sign of slowing down.
I don't know if you can count the clicks to your site, but I will never stop going to your site every day and I am certain that many others do as well. I have always written or called when you post about the horrible police and park rangers when asked to.
I closely watch peregrine falcons, but PM is my favorite raptor ever and always will be. Hoping that you will find posting more tasteful soon as many of us miss you and him. I wish you well in all that you do and hope to see some updates when you are ready. If it takes until spring, that's fine as I know if he has more little "stinkers" you will not resist the temptation to snap and share as another successful brood would be a monumental task on PM's part!!! (Not meaning to demean Octavia's role in this).

All the best!


Palemale catching some sunlight before going to sleep on Wednesday evening.






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