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November 14, 2009

Lola on the Natural History Museum.

Palemale & Lola's nest on Fifth Avenue taken from Central Park.

I believe raindrops that fall onto flowers will become birds come are a bunch of soon to be yellow-bellied sapsuckers.


Green herons...

Snowy owls...

Red-tailed hawks....



Some raindrops are so anxious to become birds that they can't wait to splash in puddles.

But some are more patient and they embrace the leaves and absorb their colors, but more so they take in their wisdom and knowledge.

And one day when all the forces of the Universe comes together...we get trophies like Lola who will stretch her wings out in the rain and allow some raindrops to fall onto her body because she remembers where she came from.

And she's proud of it.

Get ready world! Prepare for a lot of cardinals next spring.

The Great Lawn, Central Park.

All images above; Saturday November 14, 2009.