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November 17-20, 2005

Pale Male & Lola spent a lot of time together all day, especially on the Oreo Building. Sunday November 20, 2005.

At the Hawk Bench today.


Lola on the Ship Stern Building (just north of the Woody Bldg.)

It's Charlie! I thought it was Maggie all evening, but when I compared the head markings I realized it is indeed Stinker #2 all grown up except for the red tail.

He visited the a garden at 76th & 5th where he caught and ate 5 mice while I was there.

Charlie with The Carlyle in the back.

Almost every time human beings celebrate, animals suffer and die.
Letters concerning Connecticut's parakeet killing

Lola brought her supper to a tree on the west side of Pilgrim Hill just before sunset today.

Lola eating on Pilgrim Hill.

Lola eating on Pilgrim Hill.

Lola on The Carlyle Hotel, Madison Ave.

At Azalea Pond today. It's a little manmade pond nestled in the heart of The Ramble but because of Regina's special touch and of course the animals that visit each day makes it a very magical place to be. You must visit sometime.
(Regina Alvarez-Central Park Conservancy's Woodland's Manager)

Pale Male spends a few minutes on Linda#1. He called for Lola and they both flew over to the Westside.

Mallards making the best of the pond water before it's drained.

Ole Screech is still using his snug little hole.

One of several Turkey Vultures flying over (very high) The Model Sailboat Pond today.

All images above from Friday November 18, 2005

Lola on a lightpost near Bethesda Fountain. November 17, 2003

Harlem Meer. November 17, 2003

Harlem Meer. November 17, 2003

Sheep Meadow. November 17, 2003 5:59PM (1.5 Sec exp)