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Palemale & Lola Photobook - Feedback.

Dear L_,
I live in a very rural area and yesterday because work was being done on my 1/4 mile long driveway the mailman couldn't go down it. So he delivered my book (which was packed in a large box) in a large black garbage bag because the weather was terrible yesterday. He left it hanging on the hook of the mailbox out at the street. I was out shopping and when I came home, there it was hanging. I couldn't imagine what it was. Then to my delight upon opening it, I discovered the most beautiful book of photographs that I have ever seen. Nothing could have prepared me for how really spectacular it would be. I love every word that you wrote!! I have most of the pictures that are in the book saved in "My Pictures" on the computer. We think alike!!! I have already looked at it 5 times and read it all over each time. Thank you so much for taking time out of you life to follow Palemale and Lola and take such beautiful pictures of them. I hope to get down there some weekend during the Christmas season and I want to meet you again. You may not remember, with all the confusion then, that I met you very briefly on 5th Ave. on Dec. 12th, 2004. We were there for the gathering of support after the nest was removed. Thank you again, Lincoln, for making the book. It's a dream come true!

Elizabeth W.
Chester, CT

Dear L_,
I have received my book - I absolutely love it. To have these photos at my fingertips and to read your thoughts and observations on each page is a treasure. I have ordered another book for my elderly father, who has retired to NH to live with relatives - it was he, over 10 yrs ago who first introduced me to this extraordinary creature. A glen, since you asked in the previous email, is a wooded valley that is secluded - the one near my house has a stream running through it. A pair of Red-tailed hawks are seen almost daily in the area.

Thank you for sending me your phone #. (different email). When I get a chance to get into the city again I will try to call you when you might be free and in the park. I will plan to bring my book and have you sign it, which would be something special to me, since you are a huge part of the Pale Male story to me. Again, I thank you for keeping your eyes (and heart) focused on beloved Pale Male and Lola, and all the magnificent creatures, no matter how small - captured so beautifully with your camera - for us all to share.

Bobbi I.
Sparta, NJ

Dear L_,
I saw the lights of the mail truck through my window. I prayed that he would ring my bell. He did and I am happy to say he delivered my book on Pale Male and Lola. I sat down and looked at every page. The pictures are beautiful. Your photography and talent are out of this world. And thank God we have Pale Male and Lola in this world to enjoy. I hope to meet you some day in Central Park and I would love you to sign my book.

Judy & Phil T.
Forest Hills, NY

Dear L_,
Your book arrived about three days ago and I have already been through it three times, enjoying your wonderful photography and well-chosen words. Many of the photographs are really breathtaking. What a wonderful record you have made -- and shared with us all -- of these two special beings. Thank you very, very much.

Lyme, NH

Dear L_,
The photographs are superb. Even though I saw this book once before it was as if I was seeing it for the first time. I couldn't stop embracing each picture one at a time, reading the text again and again. When I reached the last page I started all over and repeated the process for a long time. It was as if I didn't have enough and longed to immerse myself into their world and your thoughts. Lincoln, you see with your heart, something very rare in this world, and speak with a candor that touches me. I often think you hold the truth and you have much to teach us. I am awfully glad you didn't stick your face in that cool muddy puddle! We may not have had this extraordinary gift which I treasure.Thank you L_.

Dominique M.
New York, NY

Hi L_,
I received the photobook a few days ago and I just love it. During this hectic holiday season, I take a few minutes to look at the photos and reflect on your words and my world becomes more tranquil. Thank you so much.

Donna H.

Hi L_,
I received my book yesterday. It is just spectacular, I love everything about it. Your words are so true and poetic. My favorite picture has to be the picture of the park in full autumn color. My second favorite is Palemale drinking in that puddle, I like you would love to be bending down right next to him having a drink and getting to know him if I could. Thank you so much for your efforts in bringing the rest us joy and having a little bit of the Hawks in our homes. Regards and Happy Holiday’s

Mary Ellen J

Dear L_,

I seem to have been one of the lucky ones -- I received my book yesterday. The mail carrier called me to come downstairs in my apt. building. He had a chuckle in his voice on the intercom, and a BIG twinkle in his eye when he handed me the package. (He knew I'd been waiting and watching for The Book.)

And of course it was worth every second of the waiting! Your book is breathtaking! What an accomplishment. I was a little selfishly gratified to see that you'd chosen some of my very favorite images -- especially the first glimpse of Palemale in profile with the red diffused traffic lights; Palemale carrying the stick - that speaks volumes to me; the pair of them tiptop in the evergreen tree; AND the double-page spread of "Love" that is timeless and iconic.

Your work has been displayed so fittingly in this beautiful book. I hope the gratitude of your followers makes all the tension and worry of producing a volume like this worth it.

Bless you, bless your work. In the name of our Palemale, Lola, and kin!

It's Kathy
New York, NY

Dear Lincoln,

The book has arrived with no complications and I love every picture that was selected. I especially like the close-ups, because you can study the contours of Pale Male’s plumage in the way each feather is laid and blended in with each other and the way they flow. I also like the pictures when Pale Male has his head plumage fluffed up, because he looks cute even though he’s trying to keep warm. I think all birds look cute when they are fluffed up. Maybe, it’s because it softens the sharp bordering of contrast of colors and have a blending in effect. I correspond with Monteen McCord of and she has a personal life with an un-releasable Red Tail and she says it’s a very rewarding experience. Maybe you can arrange a trip to Holly Springs, GA and look her up to see and touch a bird of prey up close and in turn you can get to know and understand Pale Male and Lola better. The Black-Eared Kites (Tobi- Our Pale Males in Japan) are doing well. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

P.S. You may put this on the book feedback on the website. “Banzai” from the Land of the Rising Sun.

MM1 Sean D. D.
USS Kitty Hawk

Hello, Lincoln.
To be honest, the 2 calendars I purchased for $50 were a disappointment. I can look up in the sky and see a tiny, tiny hawk frame, as in your photos, whenever I wish with the naked eye; what I can't do is admire them "up close and personal." What I was hoping for from my calendar purchase were *all* close-ups of Lola and/or Palemale, or at least closeups of squirrels and songbirds. My expectations were unmet. My mother, a recipient of one of the calendars, felt the same way.
All good wishes,
The Palemale & Lola 2007 Calendar

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lincoln, I absolutely love this book! I don't know how you managed to pick so many of my favorites to include in this lovely homage. Palemale & Lola have taken possession of one corner of my heart and I thank you for providing my daily glimpse into their lives.

Claudia W.
Chicago, IL

Dear Lincoln,

Thank you so much for this beautiful pictorial of Palemale & Lola. Your thoughts along with the stunning images of both hawks are amazing. The juxtapostion of New York City as a backdrop and Palemale & Lola as the stars, soaring above us all, is wonderful! This is a thoughful book for all to enjoy.

Kind regards,

Janet B.
Harrison, NY

ps Thanks for all your hard work....I enjoy looking at your website everyday for a new pic of Palemale & Lola, as well as their Central Park friends :)


For the past few weeks, just as soon as I got home from work, I would run to the mailbox to see if Pale Male & Lola had arrived yet. It brought back memories of when I was a little kid waiting patiently for my little treasure to arrive and when it did not I had to walk away with so much disappointment. But finally it is here and my anticipation has finally been rewarded. I as well try to keep a “grip on my obsession” with Pale Male & Lola: but what is really sad for me is that I live in Colorado so I cannot visit them in person. Therefore, with your dedication to them and your website, I can at least see what is happening with them daily. Thank you so much for that. As far as picking my favorite photo in the book, that is extremely hard because all of the photos are awe-inspiring. If had to choose, I am really partial to the two photos of Pale Male surveying his domain over 5th avenue.
Thanks for my treasure and for your commitment to Pale Male & Lola.

Littleton, Colorado

Dear Lincoln,

Two surprises today, after reading responses to the Palemale Lola book and your apologies for printing difficulties I had resigned myself to not getting my parcel before Christmas and I was delighted when it did arrive. Then when I opened the book it was also signed, I had thought after reading one response where the emailer said they hoped to meet you again in Central park so you could sign their copy that they weren't signed so second surprise. THANK YOU. I think I told you this before so forgive me if I have but my daughter and I visited NY just over a year ago for her 30th birthday and while strolling along a path near the Met we saw your camera trained on a nearby tree and a chap jogging by stopped to tell us (without us asking, he just saw us looking) that you were photographing a red tailed hawk and he told us you had a website we could go on. When we returned to London I duly checked out and now keep my Eyewitness Travel Guide to NY beside the computer so I can check out where in Central Park etc Palemale and Lola might be that day. I don't know which bird we actually saw the day we were there, but I like to think I've seen one of them "for real", although the upclose photos on your site are much closer than we were in the flesh. I can only echo all the other emails you have had about your book and your work in sharing these beautiful birds and their habitat with us. And although I can see the point the calendar recipient was making about them not all being close-ups I didn't think that was a bad thing and am glad I ordered both book and calendar. I may give my daughter one or the other for Christmas as a reminder of our super holiday to NY but I may not be able to part with either, so she may just have to wait a good long while and finally gain them as part of her inheritance. I intend to visit NY and Central Park again one day so will not be so shy about approaching you next time. Keep up the excellent work, and Seasonal Greetings to you, esp the Peace on Earth bit, it's the only hope for our feathered friends.

Best Wishes,
Beverly S.
London, England

Hi Lincoln--
Well, I am speechless--first at the rapidity with which I received my book after ordering, but most of all over the exquisite nature of the photos and text--no matter how many times I see images of the hawks I am always ready for more! I have been fortunate enough to speak to you in the Park a couple of times, so I am hoping that the next time I am in New York I can get my book signed. Merry Christmas!

Lois W.
San Gabriel, CA