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November 26-31, 2005


He stood here that Saturday close to 76th Street and Fifth Avenue and studied the movement in the underbrush for subtle movements of mice. That was the main reason for being perched here, but once in a while he glanced at us—a crowd of humans standing still and not paying any attention to the delicious food scurrying through the leaves.
‘What weird creatures those’ he must have thought having gotten used to us being close to him. ‘They feed their young unnaturally colored food that rots their teeth’ he must have noticed. ‘And having taken millions of years to evolve an efficient method for hearing the sounds of the natural world they willfully plug foreign materials into their organs of hearing to listen to artificially produced noises that obliterates the world around them’.
‘Oh dear what kind of animals are these?’ he probably asked himself before returning his gaze back to the underbrush.
‘Ah, there’s a mouse…I got to go!’ With that he dove swiftly and silently into the bushes and returned to another sturdy limb of a tree closer to the Fifth Avenue wall clutching a small mouse in his talons.

I wonder if he recalls having his wings up with fingers pointing back, and I wonder if he remembers looking into the sun and feeling its warm rays on his feathers, and I wonder if he remembers some nut on the ground pointing a camera toward him. I really wonder if he recalls this very moment.

Maybe he doesn’t keep stuff like this in memory for too long as he has to make room for other more important things to help him survive in this tough world we’re creating for him. I’m happy than I am able to capture moments like this so I won’t forget that I was really out in the same sunlight looking up at him and sharing the same temporal world as he. When I spend time remembering moments like this it makes me forget all about my own worldly responsibilities.

So I look at him landing on this balcony tonight and all of a sudden I say 'What job do I need to go to? What bills do I have to pay? What apartment do I need to clean? What future do I need to think about?

Sometimes after I get over the ‘cute’ image of this little guy I take the opportunity to admire how similar I am to him. I look at his arm and his fingers and nails and ears and eyes and nose and I realize that I’m not so different.

I look into his eye and I see me in more ways than one.

I see me inside your eyes also little quacker.

...even when they're closed!

Both Pale Male & Lola stood on their nest together today. I shot only motion video today so all these photographs were taken yesterday. A lot of activity along Fifth Avenue.
Friday November 25, 2005.

Here's Chubby again...
Friday November 25, 2005.

Pale Male over The MSB Pond
Friday November 25, 2005.

Pale Male.
Friday November 25, 2005.

Pale Male in a tree that he frequents for twigs.
Friday November 25, 2005.

Friday November 25, 2005.

One of the sweetest little creatures I've ever grown to love. Sometimes I see almost a hundred of them at once and even then I can still pick out the uniqueness of each little sparrow's face and their own little antics. Once in a while I find one brave enough to plop herself into my hand to get a morsel of food—a more blissful encounter I've yet to experience.
Friday November 25, 2005.

I read somewhere that this bird is listed as a pest and even The Audubon Society condones its extermination in some places. I had some dealings with just a few members of that society in recent times and to date I find more beauty, honesty and less reason for extermination in this humble little creature than in those that I had dealings. This beautiful bird perfectly represents the greatness of The Earth and if they were completely wiped out, I truly believe North America will miss starlings more that it would The Audubon Society.
Friday November 25, 2005.