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Palemale at the foot of Cedar Hill.

Lola on the Beresford.

Lola leaving the Beresford to head further west of the AMNH.

Palemale on 980 Fifth Avenue.

Palemale on the back of the MET.

Palemale on the MET security camera.

Palemale on the south side of the MET.

Lola on the corner of 80th Street & Fifth Avenue.

Palemale near the Children's playground at 79th Street & Fifth Avenue.

Palemale leaving a portion of the meal he caught for Lola.

Lola having her share of the meal Palemale caught near the 79th Street Transverse.

Palemale crying out after Lola took her food.

All images above photographed in Central Park on Monday November 15, 2010.

November 15, 2010 (S) newitem208409930