November 15, 2011 (Misc)

I may have been an ungrateful wretch for not admiring the sea of color before me. For though the foliage was not quite at their peak it was still a sight to behold.
However the color and the richness and the good fortune of being able to observe the beautiful scene from such a privileged vantage remained a somewhat bland picture for me until I saw him sailing over the yellows and reds and succumbing greens.

Only then did the park trees burst into color and richness and only then did all before me achieved some meaning.

Sometime after he ventured out of my sight once again a mockingbird landed in a patch of thorny vines close to me as if accustomed to that precarious perch. He appeared more curious than worried of my presence but veered on the side of safety and picked a more secure perch further away but maintaining a clear view of me. I returned a friendly gaze and hoped that his visit would last longer than what was indicated by the uneasy stance he held on top of the vent cover. He left very soon but his visit did help to makeup somewhat for the disappointment of my vacated friend.

Soon after I did find a bee and then another in a long wooden flower box both not appeared concerned that the cold weather was quite upon us. Their interest seemed to be only engaged in the delight of landing on a flower and as I fixed my gaze on one he did so as if it was going to be his last but soon he found another flower along his path and he stopped for a while once more to enjoy yet another romp in the depth of that colorful oasis.
The things they all enjoy in their daily lives are diverse but their happiness must be the same.

I may be faltering in what my purpose in life may be, since I find myself worthy of doing nothing else but simply admiring them as they enjoy theirs.

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