MET's lethal Glass Windows Oct 7, 2011

At first sight these enormous glass windows appear 'beautiful' and the reflection of the Park's trees seem so in tune with the building's surroundings.

But look closely and you'll see something that the typical passerby may not see.

The poor creature doesn't ask for much from life, just a safe environment to live her beautiful and wholesome life.

I doubt anyone inside the MET sees this tragedy either.

Rodenticide baiting station at the corner of the MET's Central Park side. This bait is placed in a area which can be lethal to non-target animals.

This food which the MET is serving and handling inside of the Museum is what attracts rats and mice and other pests. This is the real MET right here--this is where they make their money--on junk food, not art. The MET doesn't care as much about exposing their visitors to art as much as they care about what their visitors are going to spend on junk food. If the MET cared and valued their art collection's safty from being damaged by pests like rats and mice and roaches they would not allow food in the museum.