Meadows instead of Lawns

I didn't want to leave the tiny strip of land sandwiched between the highway and the entrance ramp. There was a low thick tree on one end and concrete barriers on the highway side. The noise was overbearing normally but worse when a Metro North train passed under.

But once my eye caught a bee landing on one of the many wild flowers I could barely hear the traffic or feel the rumble of the speeding train below.

Butterflies found the beautiful meadow also and when I knelt down I saw more insects and other tiny creatures.

Though it was the hawks perched on the lampposts which brought me over to this wild meadow, it was the insects which made me linger there even after the hawks had flown.

This is what a lawn will turn into if it is left alone to be cared for my Nature--no pesticides, no carcinogenic chemicals. Just a beautiful, soft place to sit or lie and sleep or be enchanted by the wild flowers and enchanting little animals.