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May 8, 2007

Though I do not like either, I shall much prefer to see animals free and humans locked inside cages.

In the animal world there are no such things as nannies or nursery schools to take care of their young...

This is because animals are too primitive for that sort of thing...

so all they must depend on to bring up their children...

is Love and Devotion.

The two baby pigeons under the hawks nest on Houston Street are almost ready to leave their nest and go out into the world.

Their parents didn't do too bad considering what they are continually up against.

Somehow things always work out for them. Someone out there must not think that they are pests.

Fordham Mom takes some exercise before retiring to her nest.

Some people think that there is nothing wrong with this. Perhaps they are right, and maybe it is only due to my ignorance that I see this as a blatent disrespect for another living creature.

Palemale behind the MET - May 5, 2008.

All images above photographed on Wednesday May 7, 2008, except for the last five images of Palemale behind the MET taken May 5th.