May 7, 2010 Nest Interference

Subject: The willful and malicious disturbance of an active hawk nest by the management of 927 Fifth Avenue.

The incident was investigated by DEC police Brent Wilson (sp?) on Friday evening (May 7, 2010).

Eye witness: Rik Davis (212) 807-9624

Time: 2:30 - 3:00PM May 7, 2010

A male maintenance worker appearing to be a window washer was observed on the roof of 927 Fifth Ave. The man threw a rope over the west face of the building (5th Ave side) and decended the column of windows to the left of the active hawk nest. The female hawk (Lola) which presently was incubating her eggs became alarmed at the man who decended the column of windows and apparently washed them.

The man climbed back onto the roof and attempted to descend the middle column of windows. This is the column of windows with the active hawk nest. The female hawk (Lola) became very alarmed as the man dropped his rope right over her nest and began dangle it to irritate the hawk nest abover the topmost window. The hawk became very alarmed and spread her wings and raised them frantically in protest of the man's actions.

The male hawk (Palemale) then came to the nest and joined his mate to ward off the intruding man.

The man finally moved over to the right side column of windows and decended them to apparently wash them.

I was told about the incident at 5:40PM. I made the following calls:

5:45PM DEC Law Enforcement 718 482-4885 - left message on voicemail.

5:49PM DEC Law Enforcement 877 457-5680 - spoke to a man who told me to call back on Monday. I expressed to him that this could not wait.

6:10PM DEC Law Enforcement 718 482-4885 - left second message on voicemail.

6:50PM DEC Law Enforcement 877 457-5680 - Told by man that a DEC officer was dispatched.

7:17PM received call from DEC police Brent Wilson who told me he was at the building. I gave him a sketch of what I was told happened. I gave him Rik Davis's phone number.

7:30PM I visited the 927 Fifth Ave building and met with DEC Police after I observed him speaking to the doorman of 927 and observing the nest from the street.

He told me that the doorman told him that he was aware of the window washer going up to the roof earlier in the day and that he (the doorman) helped to translate instructions to the window washer since the latter did not speak English.

DEC Police Investigator: Brent K Wilson 646-542-4297 told me that the law was broken and that there is enough evidence to take action. He promised me that the DEC will pursue this case.

More than five years after Palemale & Lola's nest was destroyed by the management of 927 Fifth Avenue on December 7, 2004, the building continue to interfere with these poor animals. On Friday May 7, 2010 yet another attempt was made to disrupt the hawks' nest.

According to Rik Davis who observed the incident from the Model Sailboat Pond in Central park, a window washer let down rope on the font building and washed the left side column of windows. He then attempted to let himself down the middle column of windows and began by dangling his rope over Lola as she sat on her nest.

But this time they must pay dearly for their evil deeds; they have consciously interfered with an active red-tailed hawk's nest.

They have no excuse this time. The doorman of the building admitted to the DEC Police that he translated instructions from the building super to the window washer who can only understand Spanish. The doorman warned the window washer that there is an active hawks' nest on the front of the building.

This statement by the doorman confirms that the building knew about the nest and still ordered non-emergency work to be done with no regard fo rthe welfare of the mother still sitting on her eggs.

Palemale & Lola later in the evening. According to Rik Davis Palemale joined Lola after she began to shield her nest from the man with the rope.

The DEC Police officer promised me that the incident will be investigated and the necessary actions will be taken.

Thank you for your email. I have forwarded your concerns to Environmental Conservation Officer Wilson. Should you need to reference this concern, you have been assigned complaint numbers
10-007873 (created last night)
and 10-007898 (created today).
If you have further concerns or would prefer to speak to someone instead of writing, please call the Law Enforcement Desk at (718)482-4885.
Thank you,
Dispatcher Pugsley
NYSDECOffice of Public Protection Dispatch Center

Date: Sat, 8 May 2010 08:07:23 -0500
From: kk
Subject: Re: Report an environ
mental violation

Ref your answer and my original email below, here is the information I have:

Building is at 927 Fifth Avenue in New York City. I do not know if it has a name. It was reported on the website, which is run by Lincoln Karim, who is often there photographing the hawks. That is all I know.
Lincoln's email is

-------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re: Report an environmental violation
Date: Sat, 08 May 2010 07:37:33 -0400
From: Dispatch R5
To: Karen Anne KXXXXX <>
References: <>

In order to effectively handle your recent e-mail, we request that you to provide us with additional information. We can then provide you with an answer or forward your concerns to the appropriate DEC staff for a response.

Information we need from you includes: Name of the Building, how often is this going on, is this window washer there now, contact in the building (if they have one), and a link to the website so we can view it.

Thank you,
Dispatcher Pugsley

Office of Public Protection Dispatch Center


>>> Karen Anne Kolling 5/8/2010 8:21 AM >>>
I understand from the Pale Male and Lola website that a window washer at the building their nest is on, 927 Fifth Ave in New York City, was "tormenting" the hawks. Presumably the building management can identify this person, although the management's record is bad also.

Karen Anne K