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May 6, 2008

Each day I make my way as swiftly as I can from my office to get to the park so no time will be lost from being in the company of our friends.

At my office there are some very important news stories for which the great minds of my colleagues get together each day to work out.

For several months we have staff camped out in South Africa waiting for Nelson Mandela to die. Today we were discussing how to get that news out via satellite as cheap as possible.

A few weeks ago a memo went out to our Entertainment staff that 'Britney Spears' takes priority over all other entertainment news.

Compare those stories to the story of two birds sitting on a manmade metal contraption waiting for their eggs to hatch

To most of the audience which my company caters to, the story of Palemale coming over to Lola to relieve her from her tedious duty of sitting on her eggs is not very newsworthy.

But I feel to the Universe such news is very worthy.

Or maybe it's just my taste in news.

Fly Pal, from a light pole to a tree...

Pick up a rat and take it to Lola...

Give your face a good scratch...

sit for hours and watch the Sun go down.

everything you do is all beautiful news to me...

All else going on in the world is just idle gossip.