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May 3, 2014

Irresponsible operation of an EMS Vehicle on the East Side last Sunday.

Saturday May 3, 2014.

The Central Park Precinct is very proud of their new building. An elaborate glass structure in the middle of Central Park
The original building was torn down and this new structure emerged despite all the laws of the park which prohibits new structures like these.

The building even displays a plaque in the form of a silver shovel on the inside wall--from a dedication ceremony blessed by Michael Bloomberg.

The NYPD teamed up with the NYC Parks and the Central Park Conservancy and all their lawyers and corrupt politicians to conger up a way to break the park laws and construct this building.
There was no protest from the public who have been dumbed down sufficiently that the NYPD may even get away with putting up a skyscraper and a heliport if they wanted.

I wonder who can explain to this little bird that it is very necessary to have massive glass walls for buildings in the park so that human beings can delight in elaborate feats of modern architecture.

This is not a legal parking permit Inspector Corey! This small thing reflects the corruption in your precinct. A 'Detectives Endowment Association' card does not permit a person to park in Central Park. This is equivalent to someone handing a cop a fifty dollar bill along with their driver's licence when they got stopped for speeding."

When I observe the destruction of the NYPDís presence in Central Park I try to tally up the benefits of having them here.
Perhaps if we lost a few acres of jogging paths so they could park their private vehicles, and we got in return some well educated men and women who made the park safe and comfortable, perhaps even I would feel compelled to look the other way.
Perhaps for the cost of their excessive driving, with corresponding pollution and the stressful atmosphere which they create when they force their way through crowded paths for no good reason, if they made the park free of perverts and kept away the drug dealers and alcoholics even I would tolerate their gasoline fumes.

But they donít make themselves a good asset to the park and they are more of a burden than a useful entity. They are unobservant, they are unfamiliar with the parkís terrain and landmarks and too many of them just use the NYPD as an easy career with an attractive retirement plan for the city to bear the burden of their laziness and uselessness.
This is the state of the NYPD throughout the city but I hope, perhaps for selfish reasons, that Central Park can be different. I am looking forward to a special Central Park NYPD that is rid of the status quo donut-gut men and women who lie and cheat and deceive the public. Those who are just out to milk the city dry with their corrupt fraternities and their biased enforcement.
I cannot dream big enough to wish that for the whole city but just for Central Park or at least just for that part of Central Park where Palemale and his family cast shadows with their wings.
Deputy Inspector Jessica Corey, if you cannot handle the job, please do the ladylike thing and gracefully step down and allow someone who has what it takes to give it a better shot.
I personally would like to see you stay and make some improvements where your predecessors have failed miserably. I would like to think that you are not one of those scornful old school New York police.
Your precinct has much to atone for (Central Park Five) and any mediocre deeds that your precinct has accomplished in recent times may easily be overshadowed by all the ugliness associated with your staff past and present.
I know, firsthand, that there are some excellent men and women at your precinct and in the NYPD in general, but you have a lot of rotten apples. I am talking about rotten with not a single redeeming quality and they must be eliminated for you to have any hope of improving your precinctís image and effectiveness.