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May 3, 2008

Suddenly there is the smell of Stinkers all over the City!
Fordham Mom with two, possibly three babies.

Riverside Park with at least two babies seen.

St John's Mom appears to be feeding but I haven't actually seen the babies.

Palemale on the old Stovepipe Building (965 Fifth Ave), Saturday evening. Whether it's good light to take a photograph or not, whether he's far away or sitting on a branch just off the ground, his heart has a magic that lights up any foggy day.

Our remarkable friend sits proud every day and does what his heart commands. He has no one to answer to nor no one to impress...

yet he continues to impress us all each day of his beautiful, wholesome life.

He tells a story with his life--a long, beautiful story which barely had a beginning and by the way he has touched so many of us, his story will never end.

Itís not one of those stories that you can tell easily, and if you do you may be tempted to veer off course.

To understand his story you may have to rise above words and just listen with your heart.

We must allow the story to be told as it is and not try to change it.

The path that you or I may want to see is tempting but when a story is sufficiently compelling then our versions or interpretations can only be secondary to what is being told.

If I sound like Iím in control of what Iím talking about here then you are deceived. It is the power of the story itself that has humbled me to find my allotted place in it, because I was attempting all along to listen with my hands and not my heart.

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Friday night (May 2nd) as I walked towards Palemale's roosting tree I found this poor little girl tied to this bench abandoned by her owner.

She kept looking toward the Eastside like this, perhaps it was in this direction that her owner disappeared from her. I sat with her for almost an hour very angry at the person who did this horrible thing to her. I even got angry with the Central Park Conservancy who goes out of their way to encourage people to get dogs so they can come to the park to meet people (Central Park Paws)
But after some thought I considered that there may be a chance that the owner was in some deep trouble and was forced to do this and they must be presently somewhere totally distraught. I began to imagine how I'll have to learn to walk with her along with all the gear I move around with. What was certain was that she would not be ending up at a shelter or worse, the Central Park Conservancy or the CP Precinct.
Finally after many calls and walking around I was able to reach a very good friend who did not hesitate to take the poor creature in.

She immediately made friends with this person's own dog and I'm sure she now has a wonderful life ahead of her.